HNL Flow is a quarterly online magazine about the young, creative artists in Honolulu and surrounding areas within the island of Oahu.

HNL Flow’s humbling story begins with one person’s passion turning into a reality.

Chaminade student Vina Cristobal, who was passionate about writing and creativity, had always dreamed of creating her own magazine. Cristobal, a West Oahu native, fell in love with the city and knew that creativity needed to be emphasized, rather than just business and real estate.

With the help of a group of friends from different colleges around the island, Cristobal launched the idea of HNL Flow in August 2013. After experiencing a fair share of both accomplishments and obstacles, the HNL Flow staff (notably called “The Flow Fam”) launched their first issue in April 2014.

Each issue of HNL Flow embodies these three concepts: creativity, youth and inspiration. We believe that the youth have a voice and possess artistic talents. From the young couple with children opening up a bakery, to the band of friends that are about to release their first album, everyone has a creative side…especially the youth of Oahu. And we love to share their stories.

We celebrate the new, the upcoming, the creative, and that alone signifies the locality of our brand. The people behind HNL Flow are JUST LIKE YOU, from various communities around the island.

Thank you to those who have joined HNL Flow on its journey thus far. Hope you continue to grow and flow with us.

The Flow Fam



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