FLOW EATS: Black Sheep Cream Company

Words + photos by Sydney Ro / Prelude by Vina Cristobal

We’ve anticipated the opening of Waipio-based Black Sheep Cream Company for nearly a year since the shop was just a concept formed on Instagram. Black Sheep, an ice cream shop now known for its minimalism and unique ice cream flavor names, finally opened its doors in early June — not realizing the social media hype it would create. 

Flow photographer Sydney Ro shares a brief review on the newly popular spot.
As you enter Black Sheep, you’ll be greeted immediately with the interior of the shop, which is really cute with all of its chalk drawn decorations on their signs, windows, and doors.



On the day that my friend and I visited, the line was literally out the door.  My friends and I had to hold it open, and even the people behind us kept it open to continue the line.

The service was efficient as each worker donned the same uniform — a black and gray raglan tee with the company logo printed on the side, along with a genuine, welcoming smile. It was a giant plus that they serve the ice cream directly to you, instead of having your name being called and picking up your order from the counter.



The flavor range is amazing. With names that reference puns and pop culture (e.g. “Mister Bean,” “Mac Daddy,” “I Like Pig Butts and I Cannot Lie”), the menu brings variety to the simplest of flavors, such as vanilla and chocolate, and even the more complex flavors, like butter cake or lemon cream with poppy seeds.    




I got the “Buttah Cake” ice cream during my visit. My biggest concern was that it would be too sweet, but I when I got it, it was the right amount of sweetness for an ice cream with real butter cake in it, without an excessive amount of sugar.



My friend got “Matcha Made in Heaven,” which she described as a 
more “premiere” matcha ice cream, despite the simplicity of the texture. 

Another friend got the “Salted Crackamel” ice cream (not pictured) and it was good enough to make her exclaim, “Oh, my God!” really loudly in the store.  The salted cream was drizzled with caramel and sprinkled with cracker brittle. I tried it myself, and although I’m not a fan of salted caramel, the ice cream was actually fantastic. There was also the nice little touch of having complimentary water, since ice cream can get a little dehydrating.

The bottom line: Cute interior. Great service. Bomb ice cream.

11/10, would recommend.


Black Sheep Cream Co. 
(fronting Costco Waipio)
94-1235 Ka Uka Blvd. Suite E
Waipahu, HI, 96797
Follow them on Instagram


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