FLOW RECAPS: The Best of POW! WOW! 2017

Contributing team:
Social media: Alyssa Acob | Raelyn Batacan | Vina Cristobal | Marleen Tana
Writer: Lalaine Ignao
Photographers: Clayton Nelson | Jason Perez | Marleen Tana
Videographers: Vina Cristobal | Kari Lau | Marleen Tana

Known as one of the largest events in Honolulu, POW! WOW! Hawaii is a week long fest dedicated to cultivating a creative community in the heart of Kaka’ako. Local artists, as well as artists from around the world, gather together for a week of art, music and creative energy.

Last year, we took a look at all aspects of POW! WOW! — this year, we get to showcase some of our favorite moments from the famed art event. Click each header below to see some of our highlights!

Special thanks to the POW! WOW! team, Jasper and Amy Wong, and Steve Cortes.


POW! WOW! 2017: Press Opening
Writer: Lalaine Ignao | Photographer: Marleen Tana

POW! WOW! School of Music 2017
Photographer: Jason Perez | Videographer: Kari Lau
See the video from the first day here. ______________________________________________

POW! WOW! x Night Market 2017
Photographers: Jason Perez, Marleen Tana
This year marks the seventh year of the POW! WOW! festival in Hawaii, which began with a block party in conjunction Honolulu Night Market on February 11. Along with the usual run of retailers and vendors, there was an interactive paint-by-numbers art piece coordinated by local contemporary dance troupe IONA 360, which caught the attention of the large crowd. Finally, local fashion designer Rance China ended out the night with his “Ultralight” fashion show.

Mural Painting
Photographers: HNL Flow photographers
From February 13 to 18, local and international artists from around the globe grabbed cans of paint, ladders and other art utensils to draw over the blank canvases around Kaka’ako.

1xRUN x POW! WOW! Exhibition
Photographer: Clayton Nelson
For the fifth year in a row, Michigan-based publisher One-Time Run (commonly stylized as 1xRUN) teamed up with POW! WOW! to organize a print exhibition at Lana Lane Studios. The event, which took place on February 14, showcased prints from muralists of POW! WOW! Hawaii’s past and present. Some of the artists were also there to sign prints for art aficionados.

Shadow Styles 5 & Art to the Pitch with POW! WOW! and Paradise Soccer Club
Photographer: Jason Perez

On the penultimate day of POW! WOW! Hawaii 2017, the Shadow Styles Annual Breaking event took place at Kaka’ako Agora. Every year, there is a breakdance battle with the UDEF crew — which literally heats up the room. The venue maintained a crowded audience, excited to see which individuals felt confident enough to share their breakdancing talents. Vendors lined up against the wall as they sold their local products and watched the performers. With everyone huddled around the dance floor and cheering people on, this annual break dance battle will always have a special place in the POW! WOW! Festivities lineup.

On the other side of Kaka’ako Agora, Paradise Soccer Club hosted its annual Art to the Pitch event, inspired by California-based soccer and sneaker collective Kicks to the Pitch. People grouped together in teams to compete in the Paradise Soccer Club and POW! WOW! indoor futsal field. On the sidelines, volunteers sold nachos and POW! WOW! and PSC collaborative jerseys. The jerseys were customized by local artist Defer, who also did live art at the event.

POW! WOW! Instameet with Instagramers Hawaii
Photographer: Marleen Tana
On the last day of POW! WOW! Hawaii, we held our second annual Instameet with the ladies behind Instagramers Hawaii (@igers_hi). More than 20 people, including members of our Flow Fam, met up at Mr. Tea and proceeded to walk around and view the completed murals. Check out our hashtag #powwowflow2017 for some of our highlights from attendees!

POW! WOW! Closing Ceremony featuring Steve Aoki
Writer and photographer: Lalaine Ignao
The Dim Mak 20 Year Anniversary show initially scheduled back in December at the Oahu Country Club but moved to February 18 to the former Makers & Tasters location. Other performers in the lineup included iLoveMakonnen and Dim Mak artists Autoerotique, Max Styler and Trippy Turtle.

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