FLOW RECAPS: POW! WOW! Closing Ceremony with Steve Aoki

Words and photos by Lalaine Ignao

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The Dim Mak 20 Year Anniversary show, which was initially scheduled back in December at the Oahu Country Club, moved to February 18 to the former Makers & Tasters location in Kaka’ako. Many people did not know what kind of stage to expect but were still excited to see Steve Aoki perform. 


Some of the other performers included iLoveMakonnen and Dim Mak artists Autoerotique, Max Styler and Trippy Turtle. To celebrate his record label’s 20th anniversary, Steve Aoki performed a variety of songs throughout the year. He even created his own remix to songs like “My Heart Will Go On” while playing a video clip from the famous movie Titanic, replacing Jack and Rose’s faces with his.


The Dim Mak Records founder also performed a remix to “Welcome to the Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance as a tribute to the emo rock era. Lucky fans received an opportunity to go on stage and dance next to Steve Aoki as he performed a few songs. And of course, it would not have be a Steve Aoki show without the signature “Cake Me” moment, where he brought out birthday cakes to throw onto people’s faces in the crowd to celebrate birthdays in the audience.

With a possible new location for future music shows and a commemorative name to the EDM world to take the stage, the Dim Mak 20 Year Anniversary show truly became an exciting ending to another successful POW! WOW! Hawaii festival. Cheers to Dim Mak Records celebrating its 20th anniversary and to POW! WOW! for a weeklong of inspiring festivities and more beautiful murals to admire. Until next year again POW! WOW!

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