FLOW EATS: Yellow Cab Pizza

Words: Lalaine Ignao | Photos: Mark Galacgac


When I first found out that this brand new pizza restaurant originated from the Philippines, I instantly became ecstatic about the assignment. Yellow Cab Pizza headquarters in the Philippines and recently expanded to Hawaii with its first location out of the country.

The New York-style pizza restaurant made its debut on January 18, 2017 in Iwilei in at the former Quiznos location across from Costco.


With lots of parking – because that holds as a valid aspect we all look for in Hawaii – and free WiFi for all the students needing a place to eat and study, Yellow Cab Pizza may possibly become the next hot spot. The interior space of the restaurant features a modern style with practically ceiling to floor windows for natural lighting, cute hanging lights for aesthetic design, huge TV screens and plenty of room to roam around the restaurant. But the best part? Yellow Cab Pizza provides whole pizzas as low as $8.95 – not bad for a 10-inch pizza!

Aside from selling signature pizzas, craft pizzas and rolled pizzas that look like sushi, this restaurant offers chicken wings, soup, pasta, salad and gelato for dessert. Yellow Cab Pizza even sells iced coffee and beer, for those of age. But the best drink of all time, in my opinion, comes from the soda machine because you can mix it up and create your own soda. First, you choose your flavor between cherry, strawberry, lemon and vanilla, and then choose a soda, tea or juice of your liking. All drinks come in one size only for $2.25, which does not seem too bad since you get to create your own drink.

After admiring everything this new pizza restaurant has to offer, my friends and I finally ordered dinner which consisted of three different pizzas, garlic parmesan wings and a drink from the soda machine. Before taking a bite of the pizza, my friends got their hands on the garlic parmesan wings and mentioned that the level of garlic flavor varied per piece.


Our three pizza choices were the #4 cheese pizza; Manhattan meatlovers; pepperoni and mushroom. My biggest takeaway from the three pizzas overall revolved around the fact that the pizza did not have extreme oiliness, which I absolutely loved. Whenever I order oily pizza, I find myself having to dab napkins on top of the food before eating it – so you could imagine how happy I became as I ate the pizza.


The #4 cheese pizza contained mozzarella, cheddar, romano and feta which made it very flavorful. It also gave a subtle garlic taste just for a little kick. Meanwhile, the Manhattan Meatlovers reminded me a lot of the Pizza Hut meatlovers pizza, although it also tasted similar to the ham and pineapple pizza. But my absolute favorite of the three was pepperoni and mushroom. It contained mushrooms that gave off a strong flavor and made it official that Yellow Cab Pizza has replaced Pizza Hut in my heart.


You heard that right. Move over Pizza Hut, there’s a new favorite pizza place in town.

Yellow Cab Pizza
801 Dillingham Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96817
Open daily 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
(808) 888-6200

Follow Yellow Cab Pizza: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 




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