JANUARY 2017: Finding Your Flow [Issue 11]

Preface: Letter from the Editor

New year, same us – but back and better than ever.

This issue was originally intended to be a hip-hop issue, but reflecting on who we interviewed, our hip-hop community goes beyond what is featured. With that, an issue that genuinely encapsulates those artists will arrive when it’s ready (have I just given you a peek into what we’re up to this year? Possibly).

You may have noticed a major detail in our publishing process this issue. For this publication in particular, we’re temporarily moving to WordPress due to technical difficulties. Granted, it’s not the most impressive move, but as the old saying goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Don’t fret – we’ll be moving back to our home at Issuu come April, so expect to see some amazing things from our team!

With a new partner, a rejuvenated staff and fresh content, we’ll continue to give you all our best in 2017.

In the meantime, please enjoy these series of stories (see above) from people that find their ‘flow’ from their upbringing, their experiences and their faith. I am always astounded by what Hawaii’s local artists can bring to the table on all platform — they’re sure to amaze you too.

Vina Cristobal
Founding editor-in-chief, HNL Flow

Contributing staff:

Words: Ashley Onzuka (staff writer)
Photos: Mark Galacgac (staff illustrator/photographer)
Video: Jenelle Ho (videography intern)

Paradise Drive
Words: Tasha Mero
Photos courtesy of Paradise Drive

Sweet Enemy Clothing
Words: Raelyn Batacan (staff writer/marketing coordinator)
Photos: Marleen Tana (staff photographer)

Sienna Lalau
Words: Vina Cristobal (founding editor-in-chief)
Photos: Jason Perez (staff photographer)
Video: Ashley Guzman (staff videographer)


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