FLOW RECAPS: Reyn Spooner Fashion Show [Fall 2016]

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Words: Tasha Mero | Photos: Jason Perez

Founded in the 1950s, Reyn Spooner is, without a doubt, a household name. The brand’s island-inspired apparel boasts quality items for men, women and keiki. Every Reyn Spooner print is designed in Hawaiʻi, and thus incorporates Hawaiʻi’s diverse cultures and relaxed lifestyle.

In Hawaiʻi, Reyn Spooner has become well-known for their assorted selection of aloha shirts that are both comfortable and durable. Throughout the years, they’ve attributed to the growing popularity of aloha attire, both in the state and throughout the world.  

This year marks the brand’s 60th anniversary, and to celebrate the momentous occasion, Reyn Spooner showcased six decades of aloha wear at Honolulu Fashion Week on November 11. During the Reyn Spooner fashion show, the Honolulu-based brand exhibited everything from vintage Reyn Spooner products to their new 60th Anniversary Collection.

Kicking off the fashion show was Kirk Hubbard, president of Reyn Spooner, where he explained that behind each Reyn Spooner item, there’s a story waiting to be told. Every piece is made to exude the Aloha Spirit, and with the brand’s unique prints and diverse color schemes, it made for an eye-catching fashion event. Walking to the beat of traditional Hawaiian music, models donned various products on the runway such as swimwear, jackets and of course, aloha shirts.

As aloha attire is a staple in Hawaiʻi, Reyn Spooner products make perfect gifts. With numerous locations sprinkled throughout the state, customers can shop the brand’s timeless designs with ease and find aloha wear for the entire family.  


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