FLOW FASHION: Salty Girl Jewelry

Words: Tasha Mero | Photos: Jason Perez


Beach jewelry galore is what’s in store for customers that shop at Salty Girl. From necklaces to earrings to bracelets, they have a variety of accessories that any girl would love to have in order to complete her beachy ensemble.   

Originally from Maine, owner Amber Chesebro moved to Hawaiʻi eight years ago, and since then, she’s enjoyed the sunny island lifestyle. The shop’s name is only fitting since Amber is a “salty girl” herself, and enjoys going to the beach and being around the ocean.

A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Amber utilizes her background in design to create beautiful jewelery. Based in Honolulu, Salty Girl products are all handmade in Hawaiʻi.



The local brand offers women a wide variety of sterling silver or gold jewelry with a touch of nature-esque flair. Salty Girl was launched in 2010, and coming from a family full of entrepreneurs, Amber has naturally always been very self-motivated.

“I feel like I’m more excited to roll out of bed when I’m working on something I’m passionate about…something that I’m building for myself,” Amber says. “This [business] is my baby, so it’s really exciting to watch your brand grow.”

The shop features numerous items, including the Starfish Collection, which consists of products which showcase the bumpy texture found on starfish. For those interested in shell jewelry, Salty Girl offers a selection of tusk shells, sand dollars and sunrise shells.



As Amber draws inspiration from her surroundings, her products are all influenced by nature. When she’s not out and about enjoying the outdoors, she’s tinkering in her design studio.

Salty Girl also offers a collection which is inspired by various types of seeds. These includes pieces modeled after pomegranate seeds, sunburst seeds, coral wood seeds and Job’s Tears seeds, which is a type of grass seed.

Some of the shop’s best-selling items are from their Limu Collection which feature various seaweed-inspired pieces. Modeled after antler seaweed, which is an edible sea plant, the collection boasts “limu” bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings. These items are perfect for girls who love simple, dainty designs.


For those searching for a pop of color, check out Salty Girl’s selection of urchin-inspired products. ‘Wana’, or sea urchins, can be found hidden in the ocean, and just as wana varies in color, this collection of products also comes in various hues.

The boutique also features beetle wing products, perfect for anyone looking to add bold, statement pieces to their jewelry supply. This collection offers various necklaces, bracelets and earrings, all made with real beetle wings.

Through her jewelry line, Amber is able to combine her passion for design and love for nature, while sharing her jewelry pieces with fellow “salty girls.” To browse her complete collections, visit her online boutique here. 


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