Words: Tasha Mero | Photos: Jason Perez


Mau House, a design studio based in Honolulu, offers customers a little bit of everything. Launched in 2010, Mau-House boasts a wide range of high-quality work, such as furniture, stationery, jewelry, apparel and more.

Owner Andrew Mau is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. Originally from Oʻahu and hailing from Punahou School, Andrew likes to incorporate Hawaiʻi-inspired products into his designs.


Mau House offers a wide selection of hand-printed stationery which are great for both locals and visitors, as they feature popular aspects of Hawaiʻi, such as fish, palm trees and pineapples.  

The shop also offers great gift items, such as handkerchiefs, beverage coasters and various bottle openers. The shop’s bottle openers are made of bronze or sterling silver and come in unique shapes. The “Opihi Shell” bottle opener as well as the newly released “Oyster Shell” bottle opener were both modeled by actual seashells.

Additionally, Mau House carries “Shaka” bottle openers, which resemble Hawaiʻi’s infamous “shaka” hand gesture. These products not only serve as useful tools, but their memorable shapes also make them great conversation starters.


“I sat on the [‘shaka’] idea for two years before I actually did it,” Andrew explains. “It was important that I did pick a ‘shaka’ [to create] because it was so specific to Hawaiʻi.”

The shop also carries various shirts for men, as well as sophisticated jewelry for the ladies. Their jewelry collection features elegant pieces, including gold or sterling silver necklaces, bangles and earrings. Andrew notes that he chooses to utilize solid metals for the shop’s jewelry line and bottle openers because durability is very important to him.


Andrew, who has a background in furniture design, also carries a selection of contemporary home goods. Mau House features various furniture items that were created in collaboration with various design studios. Available home goods include items such as cowhide rugs, oak wood benches and stained maple wood chairs.

“I enjoy collaborating with people,” Andrew says. “I think that there’s good energy that you can get out of working with other people.”

For those looking for sleek new items to add to their home, Mau House products can be found in various shops throughout the country, or on its website.


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