Words: Jady Ojiri | Video: Jenelle Ho

“Bringing the Viewers Into His Mind”

Among all of the competition to be “artsy” or to create a unique “aesthetic” in one’s photos, there’s young talent brewing right in the heart of Hawaii. The identity behind the lens is known as Khristian Vinca, a high school senior at the Hawaii Baptist Academy, and he is definitely making his mark on the photography world through his lively landscape photos and mystical perspective of the world around him.

Khristian’s photography journey jumpstarted about two years ago with the help of his brother, who was a photographer himself. His brother wanted to sell his Canon 60D in an effort to upgrade his personal photography gear. After buying the camera from him, Khristian fully immersed himself in photography and began to really develop a passion for it.

“Photography is basically like letting the viewer into the photographer’s mind. It lets the viewer see the editing style, the meaning, [and] the composition behind the photograph. I believe that every style is different and [that] each style shows a different perspective of the photographer,” Khristian shared.

With the experience he’s accumulated over the past year, Khristian looked back at he unbelievable things that he’s been a part of through photography, and the passion he felt for it was undeniable as his face lit up while reveling in some of his favorite photography moments.

“I like to do risky shots and I like to go on hikes a lot,”  Khristian revealed. “Even though my camera is very expensive, I still risk it for the instagram. One of the most exciting pictures i’ve taken was actually going on the rooftop of a building and taking it during the sunset. It was pretty crazy because I had to climb forty flights of stairs and it was with all my camera gear, but it was definitely worth the shot.”

It wasn’t until this past year that Khristian began to take photography a bit more seriously, and it was through his photography internship with The Center for Tomorrow’s Leaders (CTL),” a non-profit dedicated to helping high school students with leadership development. Khristian got in touch with the organization through a family friend who had been a part of CTL. He viewed it as an opportunity to network with other people and to learn new things, so he took a chance and applied.

Through the Center for Tomorrow’s Leaders and their Fellows program, he has been able to strengthen his skills as a photographer and to enhance his abilities in the business world. Khristian explained how the experiences he gained from the program have helped him with everything from dressing appropriately for different occasions to being able to ask helpful questions in any situation. He revealed how the CTL connects students like himself with business leaders in the community and how his internship has really opened his eyes to the endless opportunities the world has to offer.

“We get to meet business leaders and to converse with them,”  he explained. “It’s pretty inspiring that these leaders care about the future and the students, and i just learned a lot of etiquette, knowledge and experience from them.”

New profile pic was necessary. The vibes were awesome up there

A photo posted by Khristian Vinca (@khristian.vinca) on Oct 29, 2016 at 11:11pm PDT

As his high school career comes to an end, Khristian hopes to be a part of a two-year  entrepreneurship and liberal arts program in North Carolina. In addition, in his third year post high school he plans to take a Christian worldview course called a “semester,” which his brothers also participated in. He went on to state, “I definitely would like to [pursue photography as a career]. I like to travel and I like to meet new people… it’s definitely something on my priority [list], but I also want to go into astrophysics or business or something. So, if the photography career doesn’t work out, I’ll definitely still have it as a hobby.”

Can’t wait for senior camp 😈

A photo posted by Khristian Vinca (@khristian.vinca) on Nov 13, 2016 at 10:09pm PST


Khristian continues to make strides towards the future and he possesses nothing but optimism for what’s ahead. In the coming years, whether it’s through a photo taken atop a skyscraper or a new astrophysics development, there’s definitely more to come from his creative mind.

To catch a glimpse of some of Khristian’s mind-blowing shots, check out his Instagram @khristian.vinca.


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