Creating the Uncommon with Communiqué

Words by Bryant Dynasty
Photos courtesy of Communiqué

One of the newest clothing brands to emerge out of the fashion scene has a statement to make.


Created by Andrew Young Ahn, Communiqué uses a minimalist approach to its aesthetic and design. The brand’s current seasonal release has two very bold statement t-shirt offerings that contrast in their composition, but both excel in their appeal. Along with those t-shirts are  the cut & sew hexagon pocket tees that possess a naturalistic quality to them. The variety of t-shirts, along with a set of 5-panel caps, are part of the Communiqué’s summer release that debuted at an Art + Flea event early this year.


Andrew had a previous venture in the t-shirt market with an earlier brand known as Jesus in Hawaii. He admits to lacking a good business sense then preventing him from taking it to serious. Out of high school in 2010 he joined the Air Force National Guard and works for them full-time to go along with Communiqué. After graduating recently from the University of Hawaii with a degree in Sociology, he applied a bit of what he learned into his design and imagery for the brand.

Andrew views himself as a Republican and he sees the unrest in his political party and that it needed to be addressed. In fact, two of his t-shirts bear political satire lampooning the likes of GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jung-un. Personally, he has no plans to vote for Donald Trump this November, but he does have an interest in the local government officials  running for office. The importance of being involved with the political process is something Andrew takes seriously. Issues like the mass rail transport and the homeless epidemic that he feels need to addressed by all candidates.


He takes pride in producing all the artwork himself with the limited amount of time he is able to put into the brand. His vision for Communiqué is to create a more global approach to fashion rather than just a Hawaii-centric one. Andrew wants to step outside his boundaries and move away from over-commercialized aloha to perpetuate the serious issues of the world that our generation sometimes overlooks.


Communiqué as a brand is an expression for Andrew and he uses it as an outlet to create art as a statement. His time to work on Communiqué has been limited but he is aspiring to work on it full time. He has had the help and support of his family along the way.

He specifically thanked his stepmom for all her help in the production of the pocket-tees. As the summer is winding down, Andrew is currently working on the brand’s winter line. He is also looking in to getting to Communiqué in to local stores. For the future, Andrew has a few trips lined up to travel and take the brand out to expand his message a bit more.


Follow Communiqué on Instagram, and click here to browse through its shop.


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