Tie-Dye for Your Soul

Words by Vina Cristobal | Photos courtesy of Jeon Raquino/Madison Lalica


Photo credit: Jeon Raquino (@mvstorrr) 


Tie-dye and retro designs are making a comeback – and 16-year-old Madison Lalica is pioneering the revitalization of the trend.


Madison, founder of local clothing brand, Tie-Dye Thy Soul, is hoping to bring tie-dye back into mainstream fashion.


Photo credit: Jeon Raquino (@mvstorrr) 


Her line is a direct tribute to the 60’s, a free-spirited era that has become her inspiration and embodiment (In fact, she pulled out her phone mid-interview to showcase her room, which was a full-on tribute to the Beatles. Posters and vinyl record covers decorated her walls, while her bed laid out a large vintage ‘Yellow Submarine’ spread).


“If you look at my website, the names of some of the shirts are Beatles song titles,” Madison said. ‘All You Need is Love,’ ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ and ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ are just some of the products showcased in her shop.


But her love of the psychedelic period only partially spawned Tie Dye Thy Soul. It was her Tumblr URL that drew inspiration to her brand. Two years ago, her Tumblr user name was ‘Tie Dye Thy Rubber Sole,’ but later changed the name for the sake of the brand, and because it was less of a hassle to say.


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Photo credit: Madison Lalica 

And of course, her passion for tie-dye has become the heart of her business. As she said, her family and closest friends always see her hands and feet splattered in different colors.

Now approaching her senior year, Madison is nervous, as most incoming 12th graders are. Yet, she contains excitement for what the future holds for her. After graduation, she plans to move to San Francisco for college and get acquainted with the local art scene in the area. She’s already gotten a headstart in Hawaii by connecting to local businesses, soaking up all the advice that she can receive from those who came before her.

Eventually, she hopes for a storefront that doubles as a café. One part of the café would be the shop, and other parts of the restaurant would be divided into smaller seating areas that focus on different time periods, with customized dining menus for each section. But in the meantime, she’s putting her heart, soul and hands into creating vibrant patterns for her customers to enjoy and appreciate.

To purchase Madison’s tie-dye prints, go to tiedyethysoul.com.


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