FLOW EATS: Live the Juic’d Life

Words and Photos: Vina Cristobal

Every year seems to have some sort of food craze. In 2013, everyone rushed to the nearest 7-11 to purchase a frosty, sweet F’real milkshake. In 2014, Jess Da Best popped up around several parts of the island to serve people with organic, fresh acai bowls. And in late 2015, locals crowded the small space occupied by Australia-based Nitrogenie in Ala Moana Center, which offered a variety of ice cream flavors made of liquid nitrogen.


This year, it’s cold-pressed juice.

While this beverage blend of fruits and veggies have been offered at a select number of local small businesses over the years – Instapressed, Jugo Life, Shaka Pressed Juice to name a few – Juic’d Life, which hails from Arizona, is the newest addition to the array of cold-pressed juicers.



Located on the second floor in the developing SALT facility in Kaka’ako, Juic’d Life offers not only its signature pressed cold-pressed juices, made-to-order juices, salads, energy bars and other healthy refreshments that vary by price. The shop also has a sign near its counter that encourages people to try a juice cleanse.



Each cold-pressed juice was created for specific purposes, such as giving energy boosts, ridding toxins from the body, aiding with liver or stomach problems or purifying the body after a long day. To fulfill those purposes, the drinks are curated from various mixes of fruits, vegetables and other seasonings to give customers a refresher for the day.





For instance, the green Boost juice – its color is the result of a kale, spinach and mint combination and is one of the most popular juices — gives off a hint of pineapple flavoring for boosting energy levels. The orange Detox juice is a mixture of cayenne, turmeric and ginger, which all help terminate harmful toxins in the body.



Mother and son team Shannon Benedict and Jaguar Clement, who operate the shop, were astounded by the positive acclaim that Juic’d Life has received. They hope more people come into the shop and try out their products, especially when OrangeTheory and Atmasphere open their spaces nearby.



To sample some of their juices, visit Juic’d Life in Kaka’ako at 685 Auahi St., unit 218, which is the floor above Hank’s Haute Dogs and Paiko.


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