RECAP: Bougies celebrate release of three-part music video series


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Words: Raelyn Batacan | Photos: Vina Cristobal

I am a B I G fan of the Bougies. So when I got the Facebook invitation to attend their music video short film showcase at Hawaiian Brian’s on May 20, I said “Yes, absolutely.”

I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll say it again, there’s something about live music that just gets people going. Recently a lot of new upcoming bands and artists are doing the Hawaii music scene right and I couldn’t be happier.

Hawaiian Brian’s is the prime spot to see local talent. It’s best to get to shows early so you can hang out with some friends; play darts, pool and video games; and dine on Rico Rico’s Peruvian chicken (which I’ve had before and it’s delicious). As an added bonus, alcohol is also served in nearly every room.

Joining the Bougies on stage last week Friday, were The Anime Club, Already Sweaty, and Castle Park. To close off the evening, DJ Tittahbyte played some music for the late night crowd.

The event was to showcase The Bougies’ three-part short film, which was produced by local filmmaker and photographer Shaneika Aguilar. The short film was titled after one of their original songs, “Society So Sore”. Sometime last year they released their Kickstarter to raise funds to put these music videos together and go on tour. This night was to showcase their end product and hear the Bougies live (Side note: This was only the second time I’ve heard them live).

In between performances, The Bougies debuted one part of the music video series. Part one featured their song “Society So Sore” — basically a song about how society sucks and that the singer would rather live in loneliness than to face rejection and depression. In the video, a girl arrives home looking disenchanted. After a heated phone call (presumably from her significant other), she loses herself to the sounds of a vinyl record. Toward the end of the video, she dreams of being in an empty field of grass while dancing in the wind. It was beautiful.

Part two features “Fancy B”, one of my favorite songs. This particular song is about how someone falls in love and the other person doesn’t feel the exact same way. The video continues with the girl finding things along a dirt path, like Polaroid photos and a mini record player that closes into a suitcase. The scene cuts to a number of montages of when she first received the items. She then follows a dog down the path who gets picked up by someone that looked seemingly like Jordan Bongolan, lead vocalist and guitarist of The Bougies. By the time she gets to the end of path, no one is there — just her. It was so sad.


Part three is what confused me – she ends up cleaning up her whole house of confetti and empty beer bottles and cans. It’s as if she threw a party and she was the only one there. The video featured the song “June,” which was perfect because the following month of when it was featured was June. June is all about the beginning, before July and August (of course) but plot twist! The same person (because of the same ring tone) called her back after she burns all of their photos.

It seriously makes you live vicariously through a break up, even if you don’t want to. After all, a good majority of the Bougies’ songs are about girls because simply put, they all like girls. And girls always break their heart…which makes for good music.


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