Nā Hōkū Awards a platform for all generations of local artists

Words by HNL Flow Staff
Photos and videos by Dillon Ancheta and Vina Cristobal

Dubbed the Grammys of Hawaii, the Nā Hōkū Hanohano Awards (‘Stars of Distinction’ Awards in English) shines the spotlight on musical artists, songwriters, album graphic designers and engineers for one incredible evening. This year, 33 awards were distributed at the Hawaii Convention Center Ballroom, including Album of the Year, which was coveted by the late Jimmy Borges.

The annual awards ceremony, which turned 39 this past Saturday, not only paid tribute to local musical legends, but also paved the way young and up-and-coming artists. Streetlight Cadence, Kimie Miner, Crimson Apple and other young artists made up almost half of the nominee list for this year’s awards. In between award distributions, fresh and talented young artists, such as Erin Smith, Aidan James Blayne Asing and Lily Meola, graced the stage with performances of varying genres.



Dillon Ancheta, content creator of the up-and-coming digital media site Snapshots of Aloha, teamed up with HNL Flow to develop a recap of this year’s festivities, and how young finalists are given an opportunity to be awarded.
Watch the video below to see a brief recap of the event:



See our pre-show interviews with Ka`imi Hanono`eau, Blayne Asing and our first non-Oahu interviewee Lily Meola:




Don’t forget to check out our Facebook gallery for more photos of this year’s Nā Hōkū Hanohano Awards! Mahalo to the Hawaii Academy of Recording Artists, Poi Planet, Snapshots of Aloha and those we interviewed for Nā Hōkū Hanohano 2016!


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