VIXIN: Jewelry for Your Soul

Words: Vina Cristobal | Photos: Mark Galacgac

Five years ago, local resident Theresa Capllonch had a desire to make jewelry. But with school and extra-curricular activities, she minimized her time of making jewelry seriously. After graduating college last year, she launched her jewelry line, VIXIN, which is inspired by mysterious and bohemian undertones.


What are your inspirations? 
I am inspired by the raw; most untouched parts of an individual. Each person has different features, which make them beautifully unique so I created a line that enhances those features to make them feel empowered.



Where did the name “Vixin” come from? 
I wanted my line to be defined by light and dark, jewelry with your soul. When brainstorming dark words, I heard vixen and was immediately inspired. When I hear it, I think mysteriously dark yet captivatingly classy, which is exactly what I wanted for my line. VIXIN products are more than an accessory, but a classy accentuation of your soul. They are meant to empower.



Explain the process of making jewelry. Where do you get all your materials from? 
My line includes body chains, hand chains, anklets and necklaces but what I focus on are rings. I wanted to create rings that were able to be worn daily without turning your finger green, yet affordable for people. All my rings are created with 14k gold-filled or sterling silver wire. After graduating last May, I invested in equipment and made a little at-home studio where I solder, polish and tumble all my handcrafted treasures.


What future plans do you have for your jewelry line? 
For the future, I plan to participate in more public events since this is the first time VIXIN is doing one.




To purchase jewelry from VIXIN, go to their website, Instagram, or find VIXIN at our Flow Show: Spring Break on March 26, 2016 at Makers & Tasters.


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