Words and photos by Vina Cristobal

I met Jen May Pastores and Tim Mah during our Instagram meet last month, and after they acknowledged themselves as photographers, I wanted to learn more about them and how they became interested in photography. For some reason, I always hear the most interesting stories when I meet photographers, like when and how they began doing photography. So I got them together for a little interview and learned more about them than originally planned.



Although they have different styles of photography (Tim is more of a landscape photographer, while Jen May documents nature and people), Jen May and Tim  share some similarities. Both are Hawaii-bred residents who have lived in California for years before moving back home; and they’ve invested in their craft at a young age.


For Jen May – primarily a film photographer, but dabbles in all types of photography – it all began when she was involved in a punk rock band during her time at Moanalua High School. At one of her shows, one of her friends had a film camera and asked Jen May to take photos of her while she played in her own band. After she and her friend started taking photos of each other, she became interested in photography.


As for Tim – a digital photographer – his father handed him his first point-and-shoot camera at a young age. He’d take photos of everything around him. But it wasn’t until his junior year of college (and frequently switching majors) that Tim decided to pursue photography at a professional level.
Jen May and Tim have done a number of projects since they came home; Jen May was the social media manager for Fresh Cafe until their sudden close, while Tim has been doing promotional work with Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha in Aina Haina. But both are hoping to expand their portfolio during their time in Hawaii.
For the future, Jen May and local creative Kat Araujo are in the works of a collaborative event, entitled “Rooted,” which is coming up on May 6. She also wants to plan dinner talks with local creatives. As for Tim, he is taking on various freelance projects — most recently, to photograph his Coachella ventures for the Urban Outfitter Hawaii Instagram.
To meet Jen May and Tim, find them at the Flow Show: Spring Break at Makers & Tasters on March 26 from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.
You can also follow them on Instagram at @jenmay and @timmah, respectively.

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