Dressing up your child is the fun part. But actually finding the right fit can be a challenging task.


When Amy Wong was having a difficult time giving her daughter the “right look,” she mixed in boy’s fashion into girl’s apparel, which inspired her to build the children’s streetwear brand, Big Bad Wolf.

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Big Bad Wolf is a unique streetwear clothing store for children ages 2 to 10 located on the first level of Ward Warehouse. The store holds many collections from its monthly artists, who release their own limited edition tee that gets featured in-store. And for the kid at heart, artwork and collectibles from POW WOW! artists are available.


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Each piece of clothing has an artistic value and a great story to tell. When entering the store, expect to be welcomed by the staff, who will educate you about the artists and their history of recent projects.


Amy is the spouse of Jasper Wong, who is known as the Founder and Lead Director of POW WOW! Hawaii. Like every couple, they help each other out, which proves apparent in their own endeavors.

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“Jasper and I work really well together,” Amy says. “It’s kind of rare to find that I think, and for Jasper, he has helped me with inspiring me to do something on my own. So I have been working for POW WOW! Hawaii as a Merchandising Director and at some points, some event planning for them. And it has inspired me to do something on my own and that’s when I took on the job, venturing out and doing Big Bad Wolf just because of my inspiration of POW WOW! and Jasper, as well as my daughter, Ella.”


Through her relation with POW WOW! Hawaii, she’s able to pick and choose artists from their recent roster. Amy states that about 60 percent of her artists are from POW WOW! Hawaii, and the other 40 percent are either not involved in POW WOW! Hawaii or will have involvement in the near future.


Also from her past connections, Amy has curated many talented and well-known artists such as James Jean, Yoskay Yamamoto, and Suitman, to name a few. Other times, she likes to venture off and search on her own, where she was lucky to find So Youn Lee and Evah Fan.

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Amy agrees that Big Bad Wolf is difficult to market, but has come up with tactful ways in promoting their streetwear.


[How I market is] I go through the artists. I curate these artists that I think would fit our brand and not be too cute, and we’ll get some posts up on their social media like Instagram and Facebook. And then we’ll also do a press release worldwide through ‘HYPEBEAST’ and ‘Complex Magazine’ essentially.”


Big Bad Wolf has much in store for their customers. In the next couple of months, the store will release a few collaborations with POW WOW! Hawaii, which will feature many of the artists from the 2016 roster. They are also currently searching for a new location to call home. But as for right now, their main purpose is to educate people on what Big Bad Wolf exactly is. Amy has a number of goals for the new year, but she has one that she greatly emphasized on.


“Our goal is to take over Hawaii. I just want to see a lot of kids wearing [Big Bad Wolf] and eventually spread it out towards the states, which is happening now. So hopefully it just keeps going and people are really into it and appreciate what we do.”


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Big Bad Wolf
1050 Ala Moana Blvd. Suite 1325
Honolulu, HI 96813
Shop here | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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