FLOW EATS: Honolulu Kitchen

Words + photos by Mark Galacgac
Edited by Vina Cristobal

Near the Waipahu Public Library and Waipahu Transit Center, right across from Jack in the Box, is Honolulu Kitchen — which is the new gem of Waipahu and the home of the best deep-fried manapua!

Although it’s busy on Sundays, you’ll get your food in no time. As I walk in, I immediately notice the many textures surrounding me. The tiled walls and floors match perfectly. The wooden benches are very comfortable and are a perfect height. There is a pretty brick pillar, clean ceiling lights and artsy light fixtures. What I really like is that this place is air-conditioned.

Now let’s talk about the food!

As I waited for the food, a very friendly man offered samples over the counter. The samples were not small bites, but rather a whole set of manapuas that he gave out to everyone!



It was a brief wait to get my number called, and I finally got my order. I tasted the char siu manapua and it was amazing and fresh. I ordered the a few other deep friend manapuas flavors and they were all delicious. Next, I ordered a mini plate. There are a number of fried rice choices. There is the garlic fried rice, furukaki fried rice, adobo fried rice and char siu fried rice. I chose the garlic fried rice. It tasted even more delicious than I imagined! I can definitely taste the garlic. I paired it with the pork eggplant.


The eggplant was tasty and is complimented well with the pork. The mini size plate made me very full. The diversity of Hawai’i is very apparent with all the many food choices in Honolulu Kitchen.

With a very low price range, very friendly service and atmosphere, you will have the best experience for your time and money. In my opinion, it is overall one of the best places in Waipahu.


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