#TheYearofYOURFlow – Your story

In our Flow in 2015 post, you heard our story.

Now we’re telling yours.

We believe everyone has a story to share. Starting today, January 11, 2016, we brushed off the cobwebs of our Tumblr and now, we are re-opening our old Tumblr account just for YOU to submit your stories.

So whether you’re a young artist or entrepreneur, or just a young soul wanting to be heard, submit your story and we’ll post it up!

And who knows — some of them might end up here to be shared!

Click here to submit your stories, with the hashtag #theyearofyourflow. 

1. You must be a Hawaii resident (doesn’t matter which island you’re from!). Please include your name, and the island/city that you are from.
2. You can also insert a photo of yourself, or the person you are telling a story about.
3. No inappropriate language is allowed.
4. Please check the Terms of Submissions checkbox before submitting.
5. Not every story is guaranteed to be featured on our blog. However, we do appreciate all those that enter their own stories!

Each person will receive a customized thank you note and limited-run vinyl sticker from HNL Flow, and their names will be featured in a future issue of HNL Flow.

We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

The HNL Flow Fam

(Header credit: Chris Piascik)


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