Flow in 2015: Our Story

What. A. Year.

Flow 2.0 (aka our second year of HNL Flow) was an incredible success from beginning to end, and we have all of our family, friends and readers to thank.

Here’s a brief recap of what’s happened this year [with photos!]

1. A new logo! We thought the new year would be a great opportunity to have one. Mark Galacgac (who is now our graphic designer) entered three logos for our logo contest. The winner of our contest would not only have his/her logo used for the magazine, but would win two tickets to our co-sponsored charity event, “Blessed,” hosted by Jon Jon Ulep and his brand, Glorified Supply Company.


2. As mentioned before, we got to sponsor an event hosted by our friends, Glorified Supply Company! The event, “Blessed,” was a charity concert that benefitted the Hawaii Children’s Cancer Foundation. We had a chance to meet Randy Allen, and YouTube artists Gabe Bondoc and Andrew Garcia.



3. You’ll notice that after Issue 4, our creative direction changed. We moved to a new home (Joomag to Issuu), and we rebuilt our graphic design team, who brought the outlook of Flow to a whole new level.

4. Twenty-six people signed up for Flow in 2015. Out of the 26, only 12 stayed onboard. We have a total of 4 new graphic designers, 1 writer and 5 photographers and 1 videographer (7 of them are pictured below).


5. This is also the first year we brought on our first batch of interns. Sage Battad, a high school senior, was the first-ever Flow intern and is currently on both our writing and marketing teams. Three more high school students followed along: Reina Macaraeg (writing), Marleen Tana (photographer) and Lindsey Gano (marketing).


6. We made our Eat the Street debut at their Philippine-themed event! It was our first time having our own booth at a popular local event. We passed out our stickers and had a moving photobooth to gain traction to our booth – and people did take notice! Mahalo to our professor, James Koshiba, and Poni Askew of Street Grindz for the support!


7. In April, we released Issue 5: Flow to the Future and paid tribute to the first group of Flow Seniors. Although I was a part of this class, I still took pride in the five other seniors that I worked with this past year. Looking back at our accomplishments and failures, we’ve all worked hard to get to where we are now. We’ve all had our collective successes and our individual ones. I couldn’t be more proud of my friends.


8. Issue 6: Culture + You released in the summer of 2015. While I was in China for my school’s entrepreneurship group, the Flow Fam handled all the business back in Hawaii – and they did an amazing job. Roselle Julian aided Mark in the graphic design for our sixth issue, which was our first horizontal issue. We also held our first creative writing contest, with Kristin Rivera as our grand prize winner and Athena Abadilla as an honorary mention.


9. We hosted the Flow Show – Summer Edition. It was a celebration of our second year, and to bring exposure to local artists and entrepreneurs. We brought on 20 vendors, artists and performers, and a whole lot of fun. Our event was also mentioned in Honolulu Magazine. The actual turnout of the event wasn’t exactly what we expected, but people were still hyped and wanted to know more about HNL Flow and our mission to support young artists doing what they love most.

10. Issue 7: Startists (Student Artists) released in October, and it was a bittersweet issue to publish. It was the last of some, the first for others. We had to part ways with four of our oldest members this year, who are now all on amazing journeys and I wish nothing but success and love for their adventures and career paths.

11. In November, we released our surprise lookbook in celebration of Hawaii Fashion Month (which is still trending at 2.5k views!).



Our Flow Fam was offered various opportunities this past year, from media events to volunteering at the Color Run to becoming contributors for local blogs. Many of our articles and photos have been shared by Street Grindz, Honolulu Department of Economic Development and more! So much has changed since January, and we are so thankful for the old and new faces in our lives.

Now that you’ve heard our story, we’ve decided that we’re going to make this magazine all about you next year. There will be tons of opportunities for our readers and social media followers to participate and be recognized, which means you might see yourself in an HNL Flow issue!

But until then, on behalf of my team, we would like to wish you a Happy New Year!

May the best come in 2016.

Vina Cristobal
Founding editor-in-chief, HNL Flow


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