RECAP: Ramen A Go-Go at Makers and Tasters

Words by Reina Macaraeg 
Photos from Eat the Street/Street Grindz 

Rain or shine, the food trucks at Makers and Tasters will always bring something to satisfy a variety of tastebuds. This was no exception with their recent event, “Ramen A Go-Go,” which was held on December 17.

Seats and umbrellas were set up alongside the lovely ocean view for guests to sit and enjoy ramen and other dishes. Although it was raining at one point, most vendors accommodated customers under their truck shades. It wasn’t as busy as Eat the Street, but it didn’t stop people from partaking in this ramen-themed event. Luckily, after about an hour or so, the sun came out again right before it set for night time.

I had the opportunity to interview some a few of the customers at the Makers and Tasters event. Randy of Kaka’ako has never been to Makers and Tasters before, and went to the event because she had cravings for garlic shrimp. So she opted for a meal from Shaka Shrimp.

Brandon, who came to the event from Ward Warehouse, heard about the event from his friends and ordered Crawfish Fettuccine with garden salad and dinner roll from La Roux, which he said was his “money’s worth” as the portions and price were reasonable.

One of Brandon’s friends, Chris, ordered a hot dog with saimin and fries from Weiner Gone Wild, created by Kathy Sills of Aloha Pops, and had mentioned that the meal was “delicious and filling.”

After hearing positive reviews from those I interviewed, I decided to partake in the ramen tasting myself. I purchased a Lobster Seafood Chopsuey Ramen dish from Seafood and Soul, made exclusively for the event by Chef Sean Priester. The warm soup was a remedy from the rainy weather, and the friendliness of the vendors added to the cozy atmosphere.

Lobster Seafood Chop Suey Ramen (Photo credit: Eat the Street). 

Eat the Street will return to Makers and Tasters in January, but the area will be open on Monday to Saturday, except on holidays. See here for their hours and daily featured vendors, or check @makersandtasters on Instagram for more information.


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