Back to the Beach with Benoa Swim

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Words by Sage Battad | Photos by Marleen Tana 
Modeled by Bailey Nagy 


In 2013, two 15-year old girls from the North Shore who have been surrounded by the local beach culture since birth, decided to re-create a vision of ‘the perfect bikini,’ designing their own bikinis and hoping that it would become a reality. 


Luna Curtois and Indie Pyzel, now both seventeen, are the creators of Benoa Swim, a swim line inspired by the lifestyle of the surf, sand and sea. 


“Luna and I were talking about bathing suits and how they would be better if one detail was changed on them,and then we kinda just stopped and thought, Well, why don’t we just start a bathing suit company?’ So we did,” Indie said. 


Their swimwear is made out of high-quality nylon with woven spandex, averaging at a reasonable $58 to $130 price range. Their bikinis are “comfortable, complementing, practical, and cute,” as Luna describes them.


The best part? They have bikinis that cater to all body types. They have two swimwear lines available their ‘Elements Collection’, which started in 2014, and their ‘Palm Collection,’ which debuted in 2015. 


“Our ‘Elements Collection’ was our starting up line,” Luna said. “We wanted to see how we did, and how people liked our products. And for the Palm Collection, it has started to move more into the direction we want our company to grow.”


So far, Benoa Swim is onto bigger and better things. Luna and Indie are currently in the works in their 2016 collection, and the two couldn’t be more excited.


“It’s honestly such an amazing feeling, seeing your dreams become reality,” Luna said. “It’s so awesome to see so many different people try Benoa on, because everyone finds a suit that looks spectacular on them.”


Grab a bikini of your own here, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram!


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