Iratik: Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon

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Words by: Sage Battad // Photos by: Brittany Reis

Looking for accessories to unleash your inner hippie? Iratik is a clothing company based in Kapolei that specializes in handmade bohemian jewelry, accessories, and apparel. Founder Krystle Ganotisi tells us more about her inspiration behind her jewelry line.

How long have you been designing jewelry?
I’ve been designing jewelry since 2010.

What made you want to start designing?
I started recreating jewelry from existing jewelry i’ve had to make pieces that fit more to my style aesthetic.

How did you start Iratik? 
Iratik initially started as my freelance graphic design business in 2008 when I first graduated college. Shortly after graduating, I decided I wanted to transform Iratik into a fashion brand.

How did you start selling your jewelry? 
I first started selling my jewelry in 2010. A friend of mine, Christina Patino [owner and designer of local brand iKandy], had inspired and motivated me to move forward with my handmade designs. I was initially working part time at her kiosk in Pearlridge when she had taken notice of my handmade creations and suggested that I sell them exclusively at iKandy. My first handmade pieces to release for sale in 2010 were my “5 Tiers to Fear” Chainvests, [which] were debuted in the iKandy Fashion Show for REVO Oahu.

Where do you find the crystals for your jewelry?
The crystals I use in my jewelry are bought from various sellers who gather their crystals from all over the world.

What other projects are you working on (in regards to your jewelry)? 
Iratik is working on another small yet exclusive collection mixing in my graphic design background.

What advice would you give to aspiring designers?
Never stop creating. Never stop learning. Progress of any measure is progress, so continue to do you and everything else will follow.

Follow Iratik on Facebook and Instagram, and visit its shop to purchase your own jewels. You can also find some of Iratik’s jewelry at Mori by Art + Flea in Ward Warehouse. 


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