Flow on the Street: Mae

Words and Photos by: Jenny Paleracio

I believe that when an artist sees a beautiful person or object (wherever they may be in the world), that artist will not eat, sleep, or think (okay, that’s exaggerating) until they get to photograph that person or object. If you have ever felt so urgent to photograph someone or something, then you have found your

Mae has brought all of my dreams into the real world, because I could finally bring my ideas to life!


I wanted to photograph Mae Waite (@maewaite) doing simple things – browsing through the museum, reading a book, having conversation at a coffee shop, and strolling around Chinatown. I wanted to showcase Mae’s timeless beauty. There is beauty in simplicity through someone’s daily actions… I find beauty in someone’s smile, someone’s far-away expression, and even when they’re getting ready. Too many people think their beauty is unnoticed or not enough, but I promise an artist sees you and is thinking about how they would capture you in their favorite light or in their favorite setting. Through your flaws, someone else envisions a masterpiece.

In my eyes as a photographer, Mae is a piece of beautifully sculpted art. Not only is Mae a piece of art, but she also creates art through her paintings. Her paintings capture so much emotion… and through her art anyone can see how much passion she puts into her work. 


Mae is beautiful visually and internally. She has contributed to the greater good through her many generous acts… like when she went to Peru on a mission trip.


“I was there for a mission trip because they just recently had a giant earthquake and I was going there to help build houses for the people who were left their without their homes. And I feel like that experience, just going there, being in a third world country, kind of living the way they lived was just so enriching that it just makes you realize we’re not the only people. We’re so distracted by social media and all this technology; we don’t ever pay attention to what people have. It really changed my worldview, in a sense. Our values are much different from what they value.  They value family and each other, and we value riches. It was really good going there.”


Mae’s insight on life really shook me and made me realize that we have so many things we should be grateful for, but we overlook those things because we get so distracted by technology.  #FlowOnTheStreetHI is all about having a conversation with someone you don’t know, in hopes of taking away something that is more than just a picture. Open up to a stranger sometime, and maybe you’ll get to take away a beautiful story… or a change of heart about something.

Mae also does commissioned work, so if you ever need a one-of-a-kind piece of art, contact Mae through @maegallery on instagram!


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