Flow on the Street: Tawni

Words by: Brittany Reis with a special introduction by HNL Flow staff
Photos by: Brittany Reis

“This is what I want to do. Show people how BEAUTIFUL they are, with whatever “flaws” they may feel they have.”

Four years ago, head photographer Brittany Reis picked up a camera and coordinated a photoshoot with her little sister, Casidy (who later graced the cover of Issue 6) in their Waipahu backyard. But little did she know where her piqued interest in photography would lead her.

Brittany has always aimed for capturing people in their vulnerable, raw state. Vulnerable, not as in miserable or hurt, but vulnerable as in human. When you look at a portrait that is taken by Brittany, she captures the uniqueness of her subject. Through a simple photo, she tells a story that ties back to her subject’s true character.

This is a prime example. For this quick picture, Brittany returns to her roots of simple portraiture, compared to the complex shots that she usually publishes. It was her first time meeting Tawni, Casidy’s friend – and a brief photoshoot resulted in this lone photo:

Y (1 of 1)

What Brittany had to say about the photo:

I’m known for all my “weird” & “crazy” ideas when it comes to my photographs. Actually, with life in general. I make things super complex & I try to make people think deeper. I like to try to test people’s boundaries within themselves. However, sometimes, simplicity is just the answer. Rawness. Rich & Pure. Like the eyes of my little sister’s friend, Tawni.

She is 15 years old and is afraid to show her arms because she feels though as if they are too big. She hates her freckles because she says they roam her whole body. I said, “I’m going to photograph you.” I threw her my old tank top and had her put down her hair so that it would frame her face ever so gently. This is what I want to do. Show people how BEAUTIFUL they are, with whatever “flaws” they may feel they have.


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