Flow Eats: Up Roll Café

Words and Photos by Jenny Paleracio

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Up Roll Café, located in Downtown, is a tiny café that will fulfill all of your cravings. Once you enter the café, you will notice the black chalkboard walls decorated with doodles and the ever-so-tasty menu. The small restaurant
 has an ordering system similar to The Counter in Kahala – you grab a laminated menu, grab a marker, and check off on all the delicious things you want in your roll or in a bowl.

For myself, I ordered a Sexy Salmon bowl with an aioli sauce and extra toppings like avocado and sweet corn (for an added price). When I took my first bite of the Sexy Salmon bowl, I instantly fell in love – my taste buds were tingling with joy and satisfaction! The sweet corn, avocado, bean sprouts, cucumber, lettuce and salmon combined with the aioli sauce created a beautiful and harmonious flavor.

To quench my thirst, I ordered an Iced Matcha Tea Latte – refreshing but not overpowering. I was about to leave but I could not resist ordering dessert. 

I ordered the Mini Gelato Puff with Hazelnut Gelato and it tasted heavenly. The fluffiness of the bread mixed with the creaminess of the gelato made my taste buds sing with satisfaction.

I highly recommend this place because of its appealing atmosphere. The interior is filled with black chalkboard walls, beautifully crafted wooden tables, a beautiful ambience, and a play center in the corner in case you bring your babies or small children.

Although if you’re on a budget, I would resist going to Up Roll Café everyday (yes I know it’s hard to stay away from this yummy café) because it is pricey – especially if you would like to add on extra toppings. But if you’re a fan of coffee, dessert, or sushi – this place will be your new spot!

I hope your taste buds sing and tingle with joy the next time you head to Up Roll Café – mine sure did!

Up Roll Café
665 Halekauwila Street
Honolulu, HI 96813
Follow them on Facebook and Instagram!


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