Flow on the Street: Chris

Words and Photos by: Jenny Paleracio with an introduction by HNL Flow staff

Chris Isono, a local high school student, is one of the photographers for Art + Flea. He is often seen running around at many of the A+F events, snapping candids of his surroundings. He’d been following HNL Flow for a while and after seeing his incredible talent, we asked him to be one of our featured artists at the Flow Show in August. Our photographer, Jenny, had corresponded with Chris via Instagram but has never met him in person. See how she described their initial meeting.

It’s incredible how much you can find out about a person through the way they talk about what they admire. You see their eyes light up, and hear their voice change. You hear stories that leave you in awe. People will let you in, if you just ask. People will let you in, even if it’s just a tiny part of their lives.


I approached Chris at Art + Flea, and immediately we were connecting on that (what I like to call) “photographer-level”. I learned many things about Chris – not only is he the man behind multiple cameras, but he is also the man who loves to press ink to paper and sketch.

I asked Chris how did he start taking an interest in photography, and I learned that it was something that his family already had an interest in!

“I found my dad’s film point and shoot and I would just hide it from ‘em sometimes and run around the house and take pictures of my parents or my dog, and then he would pay to develop everything. So, he’d just be like ‘hey here’s a new roll – go ahead!”



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