Flow Eats: Craft Your Own Cocktail at the new Ten Eleven Bar

Written by Raelyn Batacan / Photos by Vina Cristobal

Bringing together local vendors, artists, entertainment and food trucks, Street Grindz invites the community to be their own mixologist with a Craft Your Own Cocktail option at the Ten Eleven bar at Makers & Tasters. Vina and I joined the preview night just before their grand opening last Friday, October 9.


Utilizing an old crate to house the new bar on the patio at Makers & Tasters, they now offer a limited selection of liquor, wine and beer.

We’ve all heard of craft beers that we can choose to be on our flights at our favorite pub, but we can never make up our minds when it comes to cocktails. The Ten Eleven Bar not only has their selection of wine and beer that you can get in pitchers but for an easy cost shared among friends, you can Craft Your Own Cocktail (Yes I said it, you can be your own mixologist)!


For $30 you fill out a form starting with your choice of liquor: vodka, gin, rum, whiskeys, cordial or tequila. Then pick your mixers or syrups ranging from watermelon to coconut, lime sour and mint syrup. Lastly, add your finishing touches of any rimmers, kickers, poppers and fruits. Sometimes, I can get a bit indecisive so when the cocktail cart came around asking if we wanted to craft our own cocktail, I excitedly put things I thought would hopefully taste well together. Having had Ocean vodka before I matched it with watermelon and mint syrup, adding Sprite, a dash of li hing mui powder and garnished with an orange slice. Sounds sweet, right? It was and it was perfect. Often times I’d prefer a whiskey or a rum but the night called for something light and sweet.


The preview night featured entrees served pupu style dishes. We were easily able to sample a few favorable entrees from some of the food trucks housed at Makers & Tasters, such as La Roux’s flavorful jambalaya, chicken & sausage; Aunty Nee’s metuda & rice; and Shaka Shrimp’s garlic shrimp. My favorite from the night was Chef Sean Priester’s lobster roll. A lobster salad wrapped in lettuce, stuffed in a sweet bread served with a pickle and bbq chips.


On our way out from the event, we thanked Poni [Askew] for inviting us. She asked me if I had enough to eat, which immediately gave me a sense of family. Street Grindz continues to do a fantastic job in creating environments that the community can enjoy. Like Eat The Street and Honolulu Night Market, they made use of what was available to them and bring the community together for entertainment, food, good vibes – and now crafty cocktails.

Ten Eleven Bar at Makers Tasters
1011 Ala Moana Blvd.
Honolulu, HI 96814


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