HONOLULU PEEKABOO: Downtown from a Distance

Meet Stephanie – a photography lover who loves to venture around her neighborhood on her red bike! Find out the story of how she got to do so, and every month, she’ll tell us about her explorations around the city! 

*Stephanie’s first language is not English; she has asked the Flow staff to help her with her posts.

A special post written by HNL Flow staff
Take a stroll along the various streets of Downtown, and you’ll find that the area is one of Honolulu’s most treasured gems. With just the right balance of past and present, Downtown Honolulu brings a sense of nostalgia to older generations and a sense of wanderlust to its newer, younger inhabitants.

By night, vibrance fills the heart of Honolulu with people, music and bright lights that could attract a crowd from miles away. By day, Downtown Honolulu serves as an unbeknownst history lesson, with crippled and majestic buildings acting as the tour guides.

“I’m a fan of buildings, and signs with vintage fonts,” Stephanie of Honolulu Peekaboo says. But she told us that she would not include a caption for every photo, as she wants readers to feel the livelihood of old Downtown in her photos.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular landmarks in Downtown:


IMG_3888IMG_3952 - Version 2







Follow Stephanie on Instagram at @honolulupeekaboo.


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