HONOLULU PEEKABOO: A Closer Look at the Cannery

Meet Stephanie – a photography lover who loves to venture around her neighborhood on her red bike! Find out the story of how she got to do so, and every month, she’ll tell us about her explorations around the city! 

*Stephanie’s first language is not English; she has asked the Flow staff to help her with her posts.

One day, Trey (my husband) had an appointment in Dole Cannery, so I came with him because I was curious about this place. I had an hour to wait for him, so I took my camera with me and checked the place out.

These photos made me thinking how industrial structures are changing Hawaii.

One of the things I love is having coffee in the mornings. I found a cafe, which I thought it was Italian at first, but once I was there it was just like home. I got a latte and talked to the woman who worked in the cafe. I asked if she was from Italy, but she said she was from France!

She told me that she lived in Hawaii for 29 years. I asked her if she also missed Europe, and she nodded! I told her I missed European food; she smiled and said the food here is too greasy.

This elevator reminded me of the Gatsby movie with Leonardo DiCaprio.

A bit of yellow!


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