RECAP: Erin Smith Releases Debut, “American Boy”

Words by: Reina Macaraeg
Video credit: Ashley Guzman

Kailua artist Erin Smith released her first album, “American Boy,” on June 11 at the Republik. It had a wide range of audiences, from children to adults. Everyone was having fun and cheering for Erin. Her songs were amazing and she had a very interesting session. They sang, not only songs from her album, but also a cover of Paramore’s “Ain’t it Fun” with her students. It isn’t hard to see that she is very loved, even by her students. She hopes that the lessons that she learned in life will be conveyed properly through her lyrics. Her songs are available on ITunes and are played regularly on 101.9 (so make sure to request them!).

HNL Flow was able to attend her launch party and interview her.

Reina: When did you start music?
Erin: I played the violin when I was four years old. I also learned how to play the guitar when I was 15 years old so that I could write my own music. As for singing… I’ve been singing ever since I could remember.

Reina: What inspired you to write music?
Erin: Other people and artists that I listen to inspire me. I really try to be more relatable to everyone who listens to my album.

Reina: Why was your album titled “American Boy”?
Erin: I picked that title because a lot of the songs in the album were based on my past relationships.

Reina: What was your job before this album?
Erin: I do vocal coaching in Kailua. I help my students not only with music [fundamentals] but I also have been integrating students with life by encouraging them to write their own songs.

Reina: What is your favorite song in American Boys?
Erin: My favorite song is “Chances”. It’s just a really good song and it has a nice beat to it. I also think that “Love Long Distance” is a great song. I really hope to find more people liking it.


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