No “Faek” Brand

Words + Photos: Franz Huerbana, founder of Faek
Editor’s note: Our next issue talks about culture, which is not only associated with cultural traditions and family upbringing, but also current lifestyle trends. Franz (also known as local rapper Bombz) submitted this to us for our blog. 

The concept of the street brand “FAEK” was a concept by Franz Huerbana and Andrew Ramelb during a brainstorm about getting into the business of urban apparel. Being fans of brands like Crooks & Castles, Black Scale, and Obey, they came up with a few catchy slogans but decided on their take on the word “fake.” The decision on the name was also made due to its originality and how it did not commit to what every other up-and-coming brand was doing (and still is) with two or more word phrases. The name “FAEK” also came with a definition: a new real, a brand that steers clear from the norm & to wear it you are representing what it means to be a ‘realist.’

Although that concept came up in 2008, the brand’s first actual launch was in 2012. They sold out their first batch and moved on to a less provocative release with their “Been Real Since Birth” tank tops.

The brand stays consistent with new designs and landed their merchandise in multiple stores in different areas on Oahu, even launching an online shop which catered to off-island customers. Their progress continues as they differ in marketing tactics, from having their gear featured in music videos, logos on event flyers and many more, and never strays from what they stand for.

FAEK looks toward a bright future within the lifestyle. A couple of stores by the end of 2016 is set in their vision as they continue to distribute quality products that target mid to high-school students, even to adults that favor the street fashion. By always staying true to themselves, they hope that their consumers view them as the “realists” of streetwear culture.

[You can check out their apparel at]

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