HONOLULU PEEKABOO: Breakdancing and Beerworks

Meet Stephanie – a photography lover who loves to venture around her neighborhood on her red bike! Find out the story of how she got to do so, and every month, she’ll tell us about her explorations around the city! 

*Stephanie’s first language is not English; she has asked the Flow staff to help her with her posts.

Follow Stephanie at @honolulupeekaboo on Instagram.
Here is a story from 2011:

An old high school friend, Tobias, won the 3rd place of Germany’s super talent television program (similar to American Idol) in 2010. Tobias had a a big passion for breakdancing.
He invited me to an event called Red Bull Flying Bach which was held in Bundeshaus (Federal House) in Bonn, Germany.
I don’t have a big passion for dance nor extreme sports. But I knew Red Bull events were always unique and we cannot miss them. It was the best dance show I’d ever seen in my life and I cannot describe how incredibly beautiful and energetic it was.
Four years later in Hawaii…
I saw there was an event called Red Bull BC One Cypher in Honolulu on Facebook and I knew I could not miss it.
I took my partner and friends to this event, which was located in a Kakaako warehouse. That night, people from Honolulu were dancing, everyone were happy and shared high spirits with dancers.
Unfortunately the stage was on the floor so it was hard to see the battles live. BUT Hawaii’s own Josh Skittle won the event!
After the event we needed to get our ‘pau hana beers’ –  as we do on Friday evenings. We went to Honolulu Beerworks which is only a stone’s throw from the event. This place offers a various of brewed beers; it’s my favorite place to drink beers in town.

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