Meet Stephanie – a photography lover who loves to venture around her neighborhood on her red bike! Find out the story of how she got to do so, and every month, she’ll tell us about her explorations around the city! 

*Stephanie’s first language is not English; she has asked the Flow staff to help her with her posts.

Today, you’ll get a chance to read a story about a girl and her red bike.

You’re probably wondering: “How did she start her adventure with her bike?”

A couple days before POW WOW Hawaii 2015 started, I bought that adorable red bike. I’m a big fan of mural arts and knew that doing a bike trip to check live paintings was a superb idea. I prepared myself well for the event; I had the official POW WOW Passport, printed the map and marked all names of the artists and where they would be.

On the first three days, I went early out and was lucky to catch artists live painting their walls.

I came back on the last day, which was POW WOW & Honolulu Night Market, and I enjoyed seeing the complete transformation of the walls. I met Fafi, a French female artist, and got her to sign a book ‘The Graffiti Woman’ by Nicholas Ganz.

It was my second POW WOW event, but it was the first time for my red bike. I’m definitely thinking of coming back next year. But I always enjoy stopping by Kaka’ako to check out murals anytime I want. Checking out the walls and traveling with my bike is definitely the best idea – and it’s easy to access now that I have my bike with me!

Right now, I’m thinking I should give a name to my bike … any ideas? Comment suggested names below and follow me on Instagram @honolulupeekaboo!

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