From the Editor: A Reflection on Issue 5 and Beyond

Hi everyone,

I know we post mostly content, so at rare times, you’ll hear from me. This is one of those seldom instances where I step out of my “identity” as HNL Flow for a bit and just talk from my perspective, as Vina.
Almost 2 years ago, I wrote in a blog post (on Tumblr) that I almost regretted starting up HNL Flow. It changed my life and those around me. I put the process of the first issue on a hiatus because people constantly texted me left and right that other obligations took up so much of their time and weren’t able to contribute to the magazine as much as they thought they would have. I’m not mad about it, and I never was. Life happens, and things don’t always work out at first.
Now, almost 2 years later in the present, I’m writing again to say that I am so proud of this team, and I always will be. We started off with less than 10 active members of the team (3 of the “originals” still remain – myself, Peter Cheng, and Brittany Reis) and now we have almost 20 members willing to serve you the best content that they can.
There’s only one that has left the team in bad graces (and I’m not afraid to admit that at all), but for others, I still have an amicable relationship with. I am proud of those who have come and gone, and those who are still sticking around for the long run.
We currently have 17 staff members, 2 interns and our first blog contributor. And Issue 5 is coming in the next couple of days; it’s insane to think that we launched Issue 1 a year ago with so many supporters on board.
I just want to thank the Lord above, and the family and friends who have stuck by us since Day 1. Also, I want to thank the Flow Fam for all the memories we’ve shared (and for those new people, we will definitely have a lot of memories in store for us). And of course, my continuous thanks to the supporters of the magazine. Your love for Flow is never unnoticed.
People don’t usually thank these types of folks, but I’d like to thank the doubters and the haters. Those who thought we couldn’t do it. Those who thought we couldn’t be as good.
But we did. We still are.
So with that in mind, Issue 5 is about to release on April 26, and our next issue’s theme is “Flow to the Future.”
Judging by the title, I think you can already figure out where we’re going.
With love,
Vina Cristobal
Founding editor-in-chief, HNL Flow

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